Leroy konsultantske uskluge

Real Estate Consulting

We apply our experience and local market knowledge to assist and guide our Clients in their investment decisions. By employing business intelligence tools, expertise in statistics and applied mathematics we can deliver value-added service for our customers through identification of further business/market opportunities, real estate optimization solutions and valuable insights to help the transaction process.

Our advisory team is committed to preparing integrated property service through a strong understanding of local policies and planning, property finance and changing real estate market. Consistency, objectivity, and transparency are the basis of our work. Since inception, our firm has earned a reputation for providing clients with the professional and practical advice of the highest calibre. The advisory services we typically offer include:

Business Plan/Strategy Development – Our diverse experience in different real estate sectors means we can deliver valuable perspective that helps Clients to set their goals and create a plan to achieve them.

Market Feasibility – We help our Clients to address specific acquisition and investment needs in order to determine the best alternative for the planned development. In addition to market feasibility, we provide financial projections and project valuations.

Highest and Best Use Analysis – We offer expert advice on the best use of the property in order to maximize the property value and overall marketability with respect to legally allowable and physically possible solutions.

Market Intelligence & Data Analytics – LeRoy has an in-house team focused entirely on ongoing market intelligence. This approach ensures continuity and coherence of market data, and allows us to provide an up-to-date analysis of real estate trends, project-specific analysis, as well as strategic investment advice. Our market analysis helps investors to determine opportunities and threats of the specific real estate segment and offers key assistance in trend forecasting.

Performance Improvement & Optimization – We apply our experience and market knowledge to help clients identify ways to improve a project in order to make more money or reduce risk through advice on product positioning, phase by phase pricing, thorough project improvement, etc.